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The Forgotten Web is Here!

ForgottenWeb_FC_BNGThe Forgotten Web is out and available for Kindle! And, for the moment, only for Kindle. I decided to take the plunge and give the Kindle Select thingie a go. I’m not thrilled about it, because they require exclusivity, but they promise other things like better visibility and availability in Kindle Unlimited, which is their book subscription program.

Given that the biggest problem I’m facing right now is that virtually no one knows I exist, I figure better visibility could be a good thing. And it’s only for a minimum of three months. If I decide I don’t like it, I’ll pull it out make the book available everywhere. But I wanted to try it and see what happens. Continue reading

A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

It’s that time of year again–when bloggers from around the world band together and put themselves through the horrors rigors of blogging nearly every day for a month! Woohoo!

As a rather infrequent blogger, I’m baffled by my own excitement. But I am! Last year (my first year participating) was hard, but lots and lots of fun. I’m hoping for the same this year. The key, I think, is to have a good theme. And by good, I mean interesting–something you can get excited by and want to write about every day. Continue reading

The Forgotten Web Cover (and Blurb) Reveal

For the cover of The Forgotten Web, I got to work with Jenny over at Seedlings Design Studio. She was a pleasure to work with–an absolute sweetheart and she knows her stuff. I highly recommend her. I figured I’d do the reveal for the cover like I did for The Thirteenth Tower, only it will be shorter, because there weren’t nearly as many revisions.

So! After settling on a few stock images and a font, this is what she sent me (click on the thumbnails to increase size): Continue reading