Looks like June is a month for guest posts, all bundled up into this past week. I’ve been wanting to write an article for Mythic Scribes pretty much since I started this blog over two years ago. Problem was I never had an idea to pitch to them. Until now.

It all came about when I was up to my eyeballs in editing woes for A Shadowed Spirit (I’m still just so thrilled just to have a title for that dang book). Some of these woes came from one character, specifically. In an effort to address those problems, I ran the character in question through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Incidentally, I had also run a different character from the same story through the MBTI but for different reasons. It occurred to me then that it might make for an interesting article, and one I could pitch to Mythic Scribes. So I did, and they loved it.

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Today I’ve had my very first interview featured over at Celine Jeanjean’s blog, Down The Rabbit Hole.

I met Celine during the A to Z Challenge this year, and she immediately struck me as a fun, whimsical sort. You know, my kind of gal. So I was terribly thrilled and honored when she contacted me for an interview. In it, we talk about the research I did for The Thirteenth Tower, and some fun little tidbits of information I uncovered during the process. Head on over there to check it out!

An interview with Sara Snider… and the drinking habits of laundresses


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Magical Moments

Well, May has gone, and I let it go by quietly as far as the blog is concerned. In recovering from the craziness of the A to Z Challenge, I pretty much retreated to my hidey-hole, working on finishing up my latest editing pass for my Tree and Tower sequel. This biggest news on that front is I finally settled on a title: A Shadowed Spirit. Only took me a year and a half. On the plus side, Lulu tells me it has a 69% chance of becoming a bestseller, so… bonus! The release date for that book is still on schedule for early 2016.

And since I’m in update mode…

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