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Hazel’s fear of meeting Baern ebbed as the carriage once again rattled down the street on their way to the necromancer’s home. Instead, a certain disquiet had settled over her, a troublesome discomfort that disallowed any other feelings to take hold.

What was she doing there? Hazel had thought it was to save her mother’s soul, but now she wasn’t so sure. Maybe that was just a story she told herself, a noise to block out the quiet and keep the calm at bay. No one had asked her to do this—Willow herself refused to discuss it. And yet here Hazel was, charging ahead and doing what she declared needed to be done, regardless of what anyone else thought of it. She had been so certain she had been doing the right thing, but now… maybe she was just afraid of the quietness in her life. That, once everything was settled and done, she would realize just how empty her life was—how empty it had always been. Without trying to save her mother, and without looking after Holly, Hazel was just an empty husk, waiting for the summer sun to turn her to dust.

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Swedish Spring

Well, springtime is here. Normally I’d be happy about that, but we didn’t really get a proper winter, and so I’m feeling kind of cheated. Yeah, that’s right. I actually like sub zero temperatures. Or, rather more accurately, I like discernible seasons. The freezing weather makes me appreciate the warm weather. Plus, snow is pretty.*

Without much snow, the winter was pretty drab. When what little snow we had finally melted away, I was feeling a bit bummed about it. So, to counter the sad feels, I went out and took some pictures of the pretty things I could find, despite the drabness. And so I figured why not make a blog post about it. You know, to spread the joy

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Previous: Elder Dawn


They all left Elder’s house after they finished breakfast. Hazel clutched a slip of paper in her hand on which Elder had scribbled Baern’s address. Holly and Hawthorn clambered into the coach. Hazel was about to follow them, but hesitated.

“Is everything all right?” Hemlock said.

Hazel shook her head. “I… I don’t think I can face this man. Not yet. Not after Elder.”

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Previous: The Long Dark


The following morning Hazel and Holly ventured downstairs and found a little sign with a drawn arrow pointing down a hall off the main room. They followed it, coming to another little drawing that led them into a dining room within which a monstrous wooden table took up most of the space. Sunlight streaming in through the windows did little to help brighten up the place.

“What… what do we do?” Holly whispered.

Hazel shrugged. “Sit down, I suppose.”

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Previous: Elder Night, Part Two


Hand in hand, Hazel and Holly followed Augustus as he led them up the stairs and down a dimly lit hallway. He stopped in front of a door and turned to the sisters to chitter at them.

Holly flinched. “What does it want?”

“I think this might be our room,” Hazel said.

Augustus’ chittering turned to squawks as he hopped up and down.

“Or maybe it just wants our spleens,” Holly said, covering her ears.

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