I got together recently with Celine Jeanjean (a fantastic author and lovely gal) and chatted about A Shadowed Spirit, character creation, and Hazel and Holly too. It was a rather laid back interview, and good fun! You can read it over on her blog, Down the Rabbit Hole.

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Nobody spoke as they walked back towards the inn. After surviving the horrific altercation at the mausoleum, the darkened streets of Sarnum seemed like a serene haven by comparison. But they still didn’t want to draw any attention.

Tum scampered after the group, having followed them out of the cemetary, but even he remained quiet.

When they finally reached the inn–without incident, thankfully–Holly ran towards it, threw the door open, and ran upstairs. Hazel and the others followed her. Except for Tum. He grumbled something about beer and returned to the cellar.

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