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Giant Sweaters, Crocheting Gnomes, and Other Unlikely Tangents in the Realm of Forgetfulness

I’ve been slacking with the blog. Other than keeping up with Hazel and Holly (which is a challenge unto itself), my ideas for blog posts have been rather few and muddly. Or they require a certain amount of research, which I delude myself into thinking I have time for, only to fall into the pit of “I need to get Hazel and Holly done!” so that it doesn’t actually happen.

Hazel and Holly, apparently, are the bosses of me. Continue reading

Hazel and Holly — Milled Messages, Part One

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Holly ran over to Hawthorn as he lay on the ground. She fell to her knees and scrabbled at his coat and gently patted his cheek.

“Hawthorn? Wake up. Please, wake up.” She looked up at Hemlock, who had also hurried over, and felt a pang of panic at Hemlock’s distressed expression.

“How do we wake him up?” she said.

Hemlock shook his head as his mouth hung open. “I… I don’t know.” Continue reading

Hazel and Holly — Through the Keyhole, Part One

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Just as Hawthorn let down his crystalline wall and retrieved his jacket, a carriage came rattling down the road behind them, headed their way. The carriage slowed as it approached and Tum scowled down at them from his perch next to the driver.

“You think you can just ditch old Tum? Placate him with some dolls and leave him in the cellar? Not nearly enough beer to ditch me in a place like that. So if you want to keep on my good side, you’d best think again the next time you’re of a mind to be playing your tricks.”

“We weren’t trying to trick you, Tum,” Holly said. “We meant to come back. We–” Continue reading

Goodbye Summer, Hello Icy Roads

Autumn pretty much arrived in Sweden a couple of weeks ago, judging by the yellowing leaves I see when I look out the window. Joy! Of course, when autumn rolls around, the icy weather isn’t too far off. Normally I don’t mind the freezing weather, but now with me trying to get my driver’s license here, the thought of driving on ice doesn’t fill me with nearly as much joy as the turning leaves. I come from California, where it’s perfectly valid to stay home from work/school as soon as a light dusting of snow hits the ground. Continue reading