Happy Halloween



If I’d been on the ball, I might have come up with a cool post for Halloween. As it is, you’ll have to settle for a picture of a creepy Victorian Halloween costume. If you click on it, you’ll be taken to website with more Victorian creepiness. You’re welcome. Oh, and I made a Pinterest Halloween board too, for funsies. I’d post a widget of it for a nice collage effect, but Pinterest doesn’t want to behave, and I can’t get it to work. So it’ll be an old fashioned link instead. If you want to check it out, you can do so here.

I hope you have a wonderfully cozy, and appropriately creepy, Halloween!

P.S. What do you think is in that carriage he’s pushing… ?

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Hazel walked towards the coach. The silver scrollwork and stars caught the flickering blue lights on the walls, making them look as if they had been wrought from water.

Verrin came up behind her. “I’m afraid there is one condition for this arrangement.”

Hazel turned and Verrin held up a black strip of cloth. “You will need to be blindfolded.”

Hazel’s heart quickened as her apprehension intensified. “And if I refuse?”

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Hazel waited in a dark, well-appointed chamber without any windows. She sat on a plush, deep blue velvet sofa, eyeing the blue and green flames that flickered behind glass sconces on the stone walls. The lights dimly illuminated tapestries woven into scenes of star-studded night skies, which gave the room a feeling of openness that Hazel had not expected. It was strangely comfortable there, and that made her uneasy.

The door opened and a man wearing a black robe embroidered along the sleeves and hem with glimmering silver thread walked in. “So. I’m told you want to become a Necromancer.”

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I’ve been thinking a lot about ravens lately. Probably in part because autumn is here and Halloween is approaching, and the general atmosphere outside has been rather raven-esque. It’s probably also because I’ve been reading—and just recently finished—Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. Excellent book by the way, I highly recommend it for anyone who likes both 19th century literature and fantasy heavily steeped in folklore. Ravens play a big part in that book, and so it’s gotten me thinking about them, both in general as well as how I’ve used them in my own writing.

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Holly grinned and sipped her tea. She sat at their little kitchen table at home, seated across a squirrel twice her size.

“It’s all rubbish, you know,” she said. “Gathering acorns for winter is one of the world’s greatest hoaxes. Everyone knows that summer is eternal, and that winter is just a clouding of the mind.”

The squirrel chittered and nodded, then buttered a piece of bread.

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