No, that’s not the title of the latest installment. I’m going to be taking a short break from Hazel and Holly here on the blog for a little while. Just until things with the new book release calm down a little. Not only is it difficult for me to keep up with the series right now, but I feel like the blog (and you, lovely reader) is getting inundated with updates. So I think it might be nice if Hazel and Holly went on a little vacation. We can imagine them going somewhere nice. Hazel would want to go someplace sensible, maybe Minnesota, while Holly would be opting for Vegas.

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Swedish Spring

Well, springtime is here. Normally I’d be happy about that, but we didn’t really get a proper winter, and so I’m feeling kind of cheated. Yeah, that’s right. I actually like sub zero temperatures. Or, rather more accurately, I like discernible seasons. The freezing weather makes me appreciate the warm weather. Plus, snow is pretty.*

Without much snow, the winter was pretty drab. When what little snow we had finally melted away, I was feeling a bit bummed about it. So, to counter the sad feels, I went out and took some pictures of the pretty things I could find, despite the drabness. And so I figured why not make a blog post about it. You know, to spread the joy

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A Moment of Thanks

November is a dreary month in Sweden. The beautiful autumn leaves have fallen and the trees are barren, the days are rapidly growing darker, and the snow hasn’t yet come to help brighten everything up. Motivation has a tendency to sink a bit during this month; everything seems just a little bit harder.

Even though we don’t have Thanksgiving in Sweden, it seems appropriate to take some time to appreciate the positives in life to help brighten the more dismal parts of the year. Plus I’m American, so I like to think of it as a little holiday bubble that I carry around with me. Portable joy!

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Things have been a little crazy for me lately, though it’s pretty much my own fault. I’ve given myself way too much to do. I’ve put off writing a blog post for the past couple of weeks because each time I think of it, it’s like I revert back to being a 10-year old, stomping my foot and complaining that I don’t want to.

The truth of the matter is that when I feel like this, on the edge of burn-out, it’s hard to create new writing–creative or otherwise. It’s also hard for me to write about something as if I didn’t have all these clouds looming overhead, like I’m being insincere. Honestly, though, I think I just need to vent my brain on occasion–acknowledge that big hairy monster in the closet so that I can move beyond it. That’s the hope, anyway. Lucky for you, you get to be here to witness the mess. You’re welcome.

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Last month Celine Jeanjean over at Down the Rabbit Hole tagged me for a photo challenge where you’re supposed to take pictures every hour of a normal day in your life. Kind of a cool concept, yet terribly flawed as far as I’m concerned, because I’m pretty sure no one’s going to want to see pictures of my laptop for hours on end. Nor do I want to share visual evidence of me wearing my usual House Clothes of sweatpants and a baggy shirt up until about 3pm, where I’ll finally put on Outside Clothes and go for a walk and pretend I’m not a hermit.

So I thought I’d fill in the boring parts with more interesting photos of when we went to Visby in Gotland this summer. Visby is a beautiful little medieval town, still surrounded by its original stone wall. It has little houses, cobblestone roads, and no traffic is allowed there other than for people to drive to and from their houses or hotels. I loved it immediately. I won’t be posting pictures by the hour, though, because honestly I’m too scatterbrained for that.

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Magical Moments

Well, May has gone, and I let it go by quietly as far as the blog is concerned. In recovering from the craziness of the A to Z Challenge, I pretty much retreated to my hidey-hole, working on finishing up my latest editing pass for my Tree and Tower sequel. This biggest news on that front is I finally settled on a title: A Shadowed Spirit. Only took me a year and a half. On the plus side, Lulu tells me it has a 69% chance of becoming a bestseller, so… bonus! The release date for that book is still on schedule for early 2016.

And since I’m in update mode…

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