ProfileMy name is Sara and I’m a fantasy author who loves fairy tales, food, and all things quirky and odd. I have a bachelor’s degree in Archives and Information Science that is now sitting on a shelf, collecting dust, as I pursue my literary dreams. I’m originally from California, USA, but now live in Sweden with my partner and two wily cats.

As a self-proclaimed neophyte in social media, I view this blog as a work-in-progress as I discover the road to becoming an author. I plan to post once a month, twice a month if I can manage it. Beyond that, my plans are vague. I may share stories of my own struggles, I may write reviews of books I’ve read and enjoyed. Or I may simply share other aspects of my life that interest me, which can range anywhere from running to crocheting afghans. I’ve not yet decided. But that’s OK. Life’s a journey, and this blog is a small window into my own journey, with all its hurdles, victories, and occasional detours. I hope you’ll join me.