Hazel and Holly



Hazel and Holly are two witch sisters trying to find a way to free their mother’s soul trapped by their necromancer father. In need of help, they team up with a pair of warlocks–Hemlock and Hawthorn–and embark on a journey that’s magical and whimsical, humorous and playful, and just a little bit dark.


Hazel and Holly is a serialized novel that is posted in it’s entirety here on the blog for you to read at your leisure. If you’d like a physical copy to hold in your hands, the novel will be published in both paperback and ebook editions late 2018.


Table of Contents

Chapter One: Death Before Dawn

Chapter Two: Seamless Dreams

Chapter Three: An Unwelcome Visit, Part One

  An Unwelcome Visit, Part Two

Chapter Four: Masked Revelry, Part One

Masked Revelry, Part Two

Chapter Five: Dinnertime Drama, Part One

       Dinnertime Drama, Part Two

Chapter Six: Spoil Sport

Chapter Seven: Hawthorn’s Help

Chapter Eight: Pyrus and his Particular Price, Part One

 Pyrus and his Particular Price, Part Two

Chapter Nine: Tea with Tum

Chapter Ten:  Odd Possibilities

Chapter Eleven: Skyward Promises

Chapter Twelve: Wyr Weariness

Chapter Thirteen: Aired Affections

Chapter Fourteen: Teatime Tribulation

Chapter Fifteen: Zinnia’s Return

Chapter Sixteen: Willowed Remorse

Chapter Seventeen: The Tiresome Trail

Chapter Eighteen: Homeward Heart

Chapter Nineteen: Haunted Heart

Chapter Twenty: Fasting Friendship

Chapter Twenty-One: Elder Night, Part One

    Elder Night, Part Two

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Long Dark

Chapter Twenty-Three: Elder Dawn

Chapter Twenty-Four: Fountain of Sorrow

Chapter Twenty-Five: Bones and Blood

Chapter Twenty-Six: Hallowed Hearts

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Finding Forgiveness

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Dark Decisions

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Dark Deeds, Part One

      Dark Deeds, Part Two

Chapter Thirty: Helpful Hostility

Chapter Thirty-One: In the Midst of Midnight, Part One

                            In the Midst of Midnight, Part Two

                            In the Midst of Midnight, Part Three

Chapter Thirty-Two: A Breath Before Dawn

Chapter Thirty-Three: Archived Amity

Chapter Thirty-Four: Soup and Secrets, Part One

   Soup and Secrets, Part Two

Chapter Thirty-Five: Harvest Home

Chapter Thirty-Six: Early Ambitions and Ablutions

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Witnessing Trouble

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Meeting the Mayor

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Disastrous Discipline

Chapter Forty: Chester’s Field Day

Chapter Forty-One: Through the Keyhole, Part One

 Through the Keyhole, Part Two

Chapter Forty-Two: Milled Messages, Part One

 Milled Messages, Part Two

Chapter Forty-Three: Cats and Contemplation

Chapter Forty-Four: Enshrined, Part One

  Enshrined, Part Two

Chapter Forty-Five: The Sea of Severed Stars

Chapter Forty-Six: Odd Possibilities II

Chapter Forty-Seven: A Love Tempered in Death…

Chapter Forty-Eight: …Will Bring You Back to Me

Chapter Forty-Nine: A Reluctant Ally

Chapter Fifty: Summoning Visions

Chapter Fifty-One: Return to the Shrine

Chapter Fifty-Two: Reunions

Chapter Fifty-Three: The Edge of Winter

Chapter Fifty-Four: Locks and Shadows, Part One

 Locks and Shadows, Part Two

Chapter Fifty-Five: And Imparted Plea

Chapter Fifty-Six: Shadowed Depths, Part One

       Shadowed Depths, Part Two

Chapter Fifty-Seven: Shadowed Dreams

Chapter Fifty-Eight: Cold, Quintessential Comfort

Chapter Fifty-Nine: Roadside Meeting

Chapter Sixty: Crossroads Conundrum

Chapter Sixty-One: A Star Enshrined Heart

Chapter Sixty-Two: Of Mushrooms and Men

Chapter Sixty-Three: Tormented Love

Chapter Sixty-Four: Familiar Fellowship

Chapter Sixty-Five: Stained Glass Memories, Part One

Stained Glass Memories, Part Two

Chapter Sixty-Six: Before the Fall

Chapter Sixty-Seven: A Return to Light

Chapter Sixty-Eight: An Unadorned End

Chapter Sixty-Nine: Aggravated Acceptance

Chapter Seventy: A Future Found

Chapter Seventy-One: Fastened Friendship

Chapter Seventy-Two: Heart Fire