The Thirteenth Tower

Book One in the Tree and Tower Series

In Adversity Lies Strength Beyond Imagining

Abandoned as a baby, young Emelyn’s life as a housemaid in the quiet village of Fallow is unremarkable—and empty. That is, until a host of magical creatures arrives and inflicts terrible misdeeds on the townsfolk. Inexplicably immune to their enchantments, Emelyn joins a pair of Magi intent on stopping the cause of the trouble—and who claim to know of her parents, promising Emelyn answers to a lifetime of questions.

But the answers Emelyn seeks prove to be more elusive than she hoped, and the world outside Fallow more perilous than she imagined. Magical creatures roam the land over, attacking yet another town before coming after Emelyn. The key to her survival—and finding her family—lies deep within her, if only she can conquer her doubts and believe she is more powerful than she ever dreamed.

In a journey that explores facing one’s fears amidst the uncertainties of an unknown world, The Thirteenth Tower is a magical tale of discovery, growth, and of love’s enduring strength.

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About the Author: Sara C. Snider

Sara C. Snider has a bachelor's degree in Archives and Information Science that is currently sitting on a shelf, collecting dust, as she pursues a career in writing. She loves fairy tales and forests, and frequently infuses both into her stories. Originally from northern California, Sara now lives in Sweden with her partner and two crazy cats. 

... Snider's fantasy grows more addicting with each chapter.

-- Kirkus Reviews

What People Are Saying

This is not your children's fairy tale . This is a grown up, sitting on the edge of your seat fairy tale.

Patricia Statham
Books to Curl Up With

Emelyn's troubles had me keeping my fingers crossed for her the whole time. I do love a good fantasy and this one fits the bill for a quiet evening's reading. If you aren't cheering for Emelyn throughout, then I'd guess we were reading different books. Love it!

Donna Denn

I just loved everything about this story. The author, Sara Snider, is exceptionally talented in putting together a tale that captures your attention as well as your imagination.


An author can utterly conquer me by creating characters who are not necessarily good or bad, and this was very well achieved here. ... Read it if you are looking for a breath of fresh air in the world of fantasy literature. It is well worth your time.

Ana Silva
Ana's Lair

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Escape to a snowy forest where magic and danger await.

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