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Hazel and Hemlock walked down the streets of Sarnum, heading towards an inn that Hawthorn had recommended, and that they were now trying to find. Apparently, after Hazel had run off to the field, Hemlock had sent the others away, and Hawthorn had said they would wait at the inn until she and Hemlock arrived.

Though, as they turned down one road and then another, passing shops and doors and people disinclined to meet her gaze, Hazel wasn’t sure she and Hemlock knew where they were going, despite the instructions Hawthorn had given his brother. Then again, Hazel wasn’t sure she cared.

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Previous: Bones and Blood


Hazel bolted out the door, clutching a handful of her skirt in a throbbing, stinging fist. She kept her gaze ahead as she hurried through Baern’s weather-worn yard, refusing to look at Holly or Hemlock, who now trailed behind her.

“What happened?” Holly said. “Are you bleeding? Why are you bleeding?”

Hemlock said, “Hazel, what happened?”

Hazel ignored them. She left Baern’s yard and turned onto the stone-cobbled street, to the right, as there were no people or houses that way. They were at the edge of town, close to the wall surrounding Sarnum that cast a shadowy pall over the pale, wispy grass that grew wild in untended fields.

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