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Magic in the Mundane — Cats

I’ve always considered myself a cat person. When I imagine myself in my elder years, I see myself as the crazy lady that pushes a cat around in a pram. Assuming the cat would stay in the pram of course, which it probably wouldn’t. But hey, realism isn’t a requirement in my daydreams.

So I thought, “What fun to do a post about the magical nature of cats.” Because there is a magical nature to cats. I’m thinking ancient Egypt and their worship of the almighty kitty. Stuff like that. Little did I realize that the research would lead to me having to read about all the horrible things people have done to cats through the ages in the name of magic and superstition. And I had a moment of regretting my choice.

Then that made me grumpy. Because cats are awesome. Cats are magical. So I decided to press on and see if I could put together a post about the magical nature of cats that didn’t make me hate humans. Continue reading

A New Challenge for a New Year

Last year was kind of a weird year for me. The many vet visits and, at times, uncertainty of whether or not Sally would survive the year, threw me into a funk, from which I still haven’t fully recovered.

Writing’s been hard, and blogging harder. The good news is I managed to finish editing Hazel and Holly. It’s now in the proofreading stage, then after that, formatting for publication. I’m planning on doing the print formatting myself this time around, which I’m actually quite looking forward to learning. Continue reading

A Flash Bang Christmas

Wow, apparently it’s been two months since I last updated the blog. That can’t be right, can it? Sometimes it feels like I’m living in an alternate universe where a few weeks for me equals two months for everyone else. Needless to say, things got crazy. We had company staying with us during November and then, of course, Sally vet visits are still happening. Continue reading

White Witches, or, the Cunning Folk

Halloween always makes me think of witches. And my search for something witchy to write about led me to white witches.

White witches were, historically speaking, folk healers—people that lived primarily out in the countryside and provided healing and midwifery services to their community, which was very much needed as doctors were difficult to find outside of cities. This practice lasted well into the nineteenth century. Continue reading

A Christmas Wish List of Real-World Magic

Do you ever find yourself wishing for things that don’t, you know, actually exist? I think one of the main things that has always drawn me to fantasy is my persistent dissatisfaction with the real world. This can’t really be all there is, can it? And so I find refuge in stories.

But then I thought, how cool would it be to come up with a list of magical things that do exist in the real world? It could be my Christmas wish-list of sorts, and my gift to you, because we all need a little bit of magic in our lives, don’t we?

Continue reading

Happy Halloween



If I’d been on the ball, I might have come up with a cool post for Halloween. As it is, you’ll have to settle for a picture of a creepy Victorian Halloween costume. If you click on it, you’ll be taken to website with more Victorian creepiness. You’re welcome. Oh, and I made a Pinterest Halloween board too, for funsies. I’d post a widget of it for a nice collage effect, but Pinterest doesn’t want to behave, and I can’t get it to work. So it’ll be an old fashioned link instead. If you want to check it out, you can do so here.

I hope you have a wonderfully cozy, and appropriately creepy, Halloween!

P.S. What do you think is in that carriage he’s pushing… ?