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A New Year and New Hazel and Holly Update

Happy New Year! Another circuit around the sun done and dusted. I’m not sure what it says about me when I’m feeling like it’s an accomplishment to, you know, still exist.

And I do still exist, even though this blog has been woefully silent this past year. My Magic in the Mundane series was theoretically supposed to be finished by the end of last year. And I made it to, what, “E”? Ha! Talk about best laid plans. I am planning on continuing it though, because I do have fun with it. Hopefully in 2019 I can get back into a rhythm that works for me. Continue reading

Headaches and Box-Climbing Cats

Greetings from Stockholm’s finest Hidey Hole!

Also known as my apartment that is currently going through “changes.” Which is my creepy and perhaps inappropriate way of saying we’re renovating. Given that we’re hoping to move sooner rather than later, we figured it was high time to fix the apartment’s problems that we’ve been putting off for basically forever. Mostly some smaller jobs here and there, but the more disruptive bits involve repainting the spare room and tearing out the hallway closets and replacing them with new closets that have decidedly less ’60s retro flare. Continue reading

Failing That… by Damon L. Wakes

I first met Damon L. Wakes over on Goodreads. I was looking for books to review, back when I first started blogging and had delusions of grandeur that I’d be able to review books somewhat regularly. He approached me about reviewing his collection of flash fiction stories, OCR is Not the Only Font, but also recommended to me an indie book by a completely different author, Goldilocks by Anna Rose. I ended up reading both and liking both quite a bit. I think OCR is Not the Only Font is the first book I ever reviewed on this blog. Continue reading

Release Day Party for A Shadowed Spirit


Well, today is the day: A Shadowed Spirit is finally released! Hooray! Normally this is where I’d go on about all my neurotic and conflicting emotions, but I think I’ll spare you this time. Today is a happy day, so let’s get on to the good stuff, eh?

I didn’t do much of a launch for The Thirteenth Tower, but for this book I wanted to make a little bit of noise. Have a little bit of a party. So, I’m going to be doing a giveaway here on the blog. I’ve never done a giveaway like this before, so it’s pretty exciting for me. Plus, I have some really great swag that I can’t wait to share with you. I also just really like that word. Swag. It makes me think of ‘70s-style shag carpets and dogs, but I digress. Continue reading

A Shadowed Spirit — Chapter Two

Shadowed-Spirit-coverOne more week to go until A Shadowed Spirit is published. I will remain calm. Yes. Calm. In the middle of all this calmness, here’s the second chapter. In case you missed it, you can find the first chapter here. Enjoy. I’ll be over here, you know, not hiding.

A Shadowed Spirit

Chapter Two

Addigan sat in the Tower library as she wrote in her journal. The vast room was largely empty save for a pair of Magisters leafing through tomes and a group of young apprentices who were fetching books in accordance to whatever was written on their slips of paper. She pretended not to notice the glances they cast her way, or the seemingly innocuous rasp of their whispered voices. She knew they were talking about her. The others in the Tower always were. Continue reading

A Shadowed Spirit — Chapter One

Shadowed-Spirit-coverWell, the countdown has begun. In two weeks A Shadowed Spirit will be released. I’m pretty excited, but also pretty nervous. All the standard bundle-of-nerves issues definitely apply here. But I think I’m mostly excited. I think it’s a good story, and in some ways I like it better than the first one. But maybe that’s just because I believe I’ve improved as a writer, so it’s sometimes hard for me to separate “good story” from “good storytelling.” And that’s when the nerves come in, because after release day I might get a very rude awakening when reviews start popping up. You see the dilemma.

Anyway, it occurred to me recently that I still haven’t shared a preview for the story, and now seemed like a good time to do it. Chapter one this week, then chapter two will follow next week. And then the week after that the book will be out and we can throw glitter and confetti and toot many virtual horns. Woohoo! Continue reading

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