A New Year and New Hazel and Holly Update

Happy New Year! Another circuit around the sun done and dusted. I’m not sure what it says about me when I’m feeling like it’s an accomplishment to, you know, still exist.

And I do still exist, even though this blog has been woefully silent this past year. My Magic in the Mundane series was theoretically supposed to be finished by the end of last year. And I made it to, what, “E”? Ha! Talk about best laid plans. I am planning on continuing it though, because I do have fun with it. Hopefully in 2019 I can get back into a rhythm that works for me.

Also, since we’re on the topic on best laid plans going astray….

Hazel and Holly, which was originally scheduled to come out Jan. 16, has been delayed.


It’s not that the book isn’t done, because it is. (Well, mostly. Still doing a quality check of the ebook, which probably isn’t even necessary, but that’s my special brand of OCD for you there.) Rather it came to my attention, rather belatedly, that I could be doing more to promote the book before it comes out. Primarily submitting the book to review journals, like Library Journal or Publishers Weekly. There’s no guarantee that they’ll pick up the book to review, but if I want them to even consider it, then I need to submit it generally several months prior to publication.

So, for that reason alone, I’ve delayed the publication of Hazel and Holly to May 16th.

This was a really hard decision for me to make, because I know there’s several of you out there looking forward to having H&H in book form, and I really don’t like disappointing people. But at the same time, I want to be able to say I did everything I could to help the book succeed.

On the plus side, I do think a May publication kind of works for the story, given its setting and whatnot. Maybe I can get some attention on it around the Solstice. We’ll see.

Soo… yeah. Sorry about that. But hey, in the meantime, you can find some free books to read from these promotions happening right now.

On BookFunnel:

Fantasy Firsties: Free Series Starters (ends Jan. 31)

On Prolific Works:

Bestsellers: SF & Fantasy 2019 (ends Jan. 29)

Paranormal, SciFi, Fantasy, Magic Giveaway (ends Feb. 25):

I hope your New Year has been lovely so far and continues to be wonderful in the coming months!

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Lori Wing - 4 years ago

Happy New Year!
No worries for the delay. I agree that Spring is probably a much better release date, give both the setting of the story and the busyness of the start of the New Year.
Do please let us know if it gets picked up for review. That will be exciting!

    Sara C. Snider - 4 years ago

    Will do and Happy New Year! 😀

Samantha Mozart - 4 years ago

Nice to hear from you, Sara, and to know I’m not the only one away from her blog for a year; and I have books nearing publication, too, w/final editing, formatting and proofreading to do. I got a day job a year ago in a retail store, so when I come home all I feel like doing is to prop my feet up and watch the next series of Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander.” I do enjoy reading your writing, so I’m glad you remain dedicated. –Samantha Mozart

    Sara C. Snider - 4 years ago

    Hey Samantha, it’s great to hear from you as well! How wonderful you have books nearing publication. Super exciting! You’ll have to do a blog post and tell us about it. 😉 Congrats on the job! And I hear you about not having the energy for blogging and such. It’s all too easy to just let it slide. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Jeff - 4 years ago

Well, I like January 16. It’s a great day despite the fact that Ayn Rand wrote a play by that date being the title. It’s a great day because it’s my birthday, but I am sure May 16 will also be good. Congratulations.

Jeff (formerly at sagecoveredhills.blogspot.com

    Sara C. Snider - 4 years ago

    Hey, happy birthday to you then! 😀 May 16th won’t be able to measure up to that standard, but will hopefully be good in other ways hehe.

JazzFeathers - 4 years ago

Hi Sara. Happy New Year! And goodness, when did you change the theme of your blog? This is the first time I see this new one. I really like it, it’s clean and easy to read.

Pity for the delayed publiscation, but I understand and feel you. Your 2018 sounds a sif it was eerily like mine. I had lots of plans and nothing panned out. But I’m planning for this year, so let’s hope.

If you plan to promote the book before it is published I think it will only benefit from it. Getting the word out is so difficult.
All the best for yoru publication. I’ll be around 😉

    Sara C. Snider - 4 years ago

    Hey, Sarah! Happy New Year! I changed the theme last summer/autumn. I also really like it and agree about it being easy to read. Which, I suppose, is kind of the point. 😉

    Yeah, 2018 was weird. I feel like I’ve been off my game for a while. Still trying to get back into a good groove. Nothing to do but push onward, and try to do better. Hope 2019 is a good one for you as well!

    You’re right about the difficulty in getting a book noticed. That’s why I feel like I need to at least give this a go. Nothing to lose, really, except some time. Fingers crossed. Thanks for stopping by and see you around! 😀

Michelle Morrison - 4 years ago

It was nice to hear from you. I will enjoy Hazel and Holly when it is released. Most people probably understand there can be delays in the publishing process. I have this issue with there being too many good books and not enough time to read them, so maybe for me it’s better to get it later. 🙂 In the meantime, I am always glad for free books, so I will check those out.

    Sara C. Snider - 4 years ago

    Thanks Michelle. And yeah, I definitely suffer from the too many books to read and not enough time. I don’t think that problem is ever going to go away though haha. Hope you find some good books in the meanwhile. 🙂

Hilary - 4 years ago

Hi Sara – good to see the post re Hazel and Holly and your projects for the time ahead … these things happen – but the main thing is to do it properly and not rush things through. Good luck with all in 2019 and see you around – cheers Hilary

    Sara C. Snider - 4 years ago

    Thanks, Hilary. Definitely trying to do things properly. We’ll see how it goes. Good luck in 2019 to you too!

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