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Magic in the Mundane: Iron

I remember reading about fairies when I was younger and thinking how interesting it was that they were repulsed by iron. I think it’s because iron is such a common thing to us in this day and age. Forged iron is also, in my mind anyway, antithesis to nature. It’s a man-made thing, and I think I was enchanted by the idea of nature-faring creatures who can’t abide man-made goods.

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Magic in the Mundane — Geese

Summer has come and gone in a bit of a haze for us. Remember back when we bought a plot? Well, we’re planning on building a house to go on that plot, and there’s about five billion different decisions to be made on just about everything. So that was my summer. Deciding on door handles, door styles, faucets, sinks, etc. It’s pretty exciting, but it’s also overwhelming and kind of scary.

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Magic in the Mundane — Frogs

I’m a big fan of frogs. I always enjoyed finding them as a kid, and I find their ribbit-ribbiting soothing as well. I still remember one night many years ago when I felt sick, listening to them croaking made me feel better. Pretty much from that moment frogs have been magical for me.

Frogs of rain and fertility

Given the amphibious nature of frogs, their connection to water in mythology doesn’t require the imagination to stretch too far. Fertility, though, I hadn’t expected. Continue reading

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