Twitter Takeover with YEM

So, hey. Tomorrow (Aug. 29) I’m going to be taking over Young Entertainment Magazine’s Twitter account for two hours between 2-4pm EST. That’s 8-10pm Swedish time. Which is totally past my bedtime and interferes with my watching Star Trek the Next Generation episodes for the billionth time. But I guess you’ve got to make sacrifices sometimes, right?

Topic of the evening (or day if, you know, you’re not watching Star Trek reruns) is firsts in the writing industry, which is kind of funny since this is my first Twitter takeover. I didn’t even know this was a thing. But apparently it is and now I officially sound old.

If you’re inclined to hang out on Twitter, be sure to visit @YoungEntmag between 2-4 pm EST. I’ll be answering questions, so if you have a burning curiosity about my muse or who my favorite Star Trek captain is (which, honestly, should be obvious from this post) now is your chance to ask!

Hope to see you there!

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