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Guest Story: Trapped, by Tanya Miranda

I connected with Tanya a couple of years ago when I hosted my first Halloween Blog Hop. It was my first year blogging, and I really didn’t know how much interest there would be. So you might imagine my delight when people actually signed up for it, and one of those people was Tanya. She wrote several stories that year, and while I didn’t read all of them at the time, the one I did read has stuck with me as it was one of my favorites.

Now she’s got a new fantasy book coming out, The Box of Souls, and so to celebrate, here’s one of the stories she wrote for that blog hop almost two years ago. Tanya says it’s based on an Ecuadorian urban myth her mother used to believe in when she was a child. I love a good urban myth, and this one’s properly creepy. Continue reading