Not the Hook from Neverland, but the Hook from “Crack, Crook, and Hook” infamy. I wrote about Crack and Crook earlier and their misadventures in stealing from the king’s treasury. Well, the story that includes Hook seems to precede that.


See, Crack, Crook, and Hook, all being premier thieves, are not content until they find out who is the bestest. Crack goes to steal a magpie’s eggs. While he’s busy with that, Crook steals Crack’s bootheels without him noticing. Hook then steals the heels from Crook. It being decided that Hook is, in fact, the most awesome among them, he then says “So long, suckers!” and heads out on his own, amasses a fortune, opens up a butchery shop, and marries a buxom young lass (well, the story doesn’t say she was buxom, but I like to think she was).


Years later Crack and Crook come upon his shop. They go in and try to steal a quartered pig from Hook, but fail miserably because, let’s face it, Hook is the man.


The end.


Source: Calvino, Italo, “Crack, Crook, and Hook”, Italian Folktales, Penguin Books, 2002. Translated by George Martin.

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  1. So Hook is the man to know – slick as slick! That story isn’t quite as gruesome as the Crack & Crook story 🙂
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  2. I love the fact Hook is just do, yep, done that, I am the bestest, now I can go off and do anything I like :). What does Hook do when his ex-friends try and steal from him?
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    • Sara C. Snider

      Well, in the story, Hook was on to them from the beginning, and hid the pig in the oven. This was apparently very good security, because Crack and Crook were stumped and only found the pig by tricking Hook’s wife into telling them where it was. They steal the pig, but Hook is still on to them, and he outwits them and gets it back. (Though probably not that great a feat, all things considered.) The story pretty much ends there.

  3. Hook is an interesting character. I would love to know more about him. Why did he pick that time to leave, did he not know he was better than the other two, or was he disappointed the other two weren’t nearly good as he?

    Either way, he appears to have left under the impression that he was better off alone. And he proved that, though a butch shop is an interesting choice.

    I agree, the story is much better with a buxom girl. Can’t go wrong there. In fact, we need more buxom girls in fairytales…I’m just saying.

    • Sara C. Snider

      I think he chose then to leave because it became very apparent that the other two were just dead weight. 😛

  4. hook is the man most definitely. in Peter Pan, Once Upon a Time, or this story. Heh, i like this story.

  5. That’s an awesome story, he most definitely is the best thief.

    • Sara C. Snider

      Hook can’t be beat. Others have tried… and failed. 😉

  6. Hook sounds like he made out the best considering Crook and Crack’s outcome.

    • Sara C. Snider

      Yeah, it was good he got out when he did. Wouldn’t want to get dragged into that mess. :/

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