Lamphyr are my own creation. They are gaunt, wraith-like men shrouded in dark grey cloaks. The most notable feature about them is that they have no eyes, yet they can still see with the aid of the lamps they carry with them. They are generally unpleasant fellows who don’t play well with others.

“It is said that the lamphyr were once sailors, charged with lighting the fires on the cliffs along the sea so that ships would not wreck upon the rocky shores in foul weather.


“But these men, being sailors, did not like being left ashore while their brethren sought adventure upon the waves. So they shirked their duties and let their fires grow cold, causing the ships at sea to crash upon the jagged cliffs and killing those they once called brothers. For their crime they were cursed, struck blind so that they, too, would know the perils of darkness.


“And so they wander the earth, carrying with them a lantern and lighting their way with its fell light. For, even though they are blind, it is said that the lanterns glow with the light of the Otherworld, giving them sight beyond that of mortal men. It is said the lamphyr must never let their light go out, or their spirits will be swept away to the Void, lost forever.”


Excerpt from The Thirteenth Tower


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  1. Ooh, now that is come interesting lore you’ve come up with there. I like it, dark and a little twisted, just like most folklore.
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  2. Holy shite. That’s badass.

  3. I like the myth you’ve created for your lamphyr – convincing yet otherworldly – and there’s a moral in there too. Nicely done 🙂
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  4. OOOO. I like it!

    I love the idea that they are cursed with darkness. The lamp is nice creepy touch. Could you imagine being lost in the fog and seeing the light from their lantern. Rushing to it only to see it’s eyeless undead face.

    Great stuff.

    Timothy S. Brannan
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    • Sara C. Snider

      Thanks, Timothy. I also thought it creepy, the idea of seeing their light in the dark, only to find that on the other end.

  5. whoa! such a creepy creature. cursed by their own actions. fitting. i gave me chills.

  6. Wow, that is a great idea for a creature! I love the story behind them, too.

  7. The Lamphrs are not creatures I’d want to come across at night, but based on the information I just read, thy have a weak spot I can use to my advantage. I like the post and look forward to reading more from you. Thanks for stopping by me.

    • Sara C. Snider

      Yeah, just need to put out their lamps. Maybe a fire hose? 😉 Thanks, Michelle. It’s nice having you stop by here as well.

  8. Ooooooo! What a great creation! The story behind them is wonderfully written.

  9. Lori Wing

    Nice! I like the masculinity of this; nothing touchy feely going on here. Their motivation for good behavior is strictly based on self-preservation instead of goodwill. I do believe this is my favorite so far!

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