Redcap is a rather unpleasant fellow who lurks in ruined towers and castles, especially if they have a wicked history. It’s said that Redcap kills travelers who wander into his ruined home, using the blood of his victims to dye his cap.


Redcap holds a particularly creepy place in my heart, mainly because I saw something very similar as a young child, long before I ever heard of such a creature. I was sleeping in my mother’s bed and in the doorway I saw the silhouette of a man. His form was darkened (from the light behind him in the hallway), but he had a red cap on. I closed my eyes, and when I looked back, he was closer. Each time I hid my eyes and then looked, he was always closer. Until I hid my eyes and never looked again. Morning came and I wasn’t dead. Rejoice!


What’s more is that my other siblings said they saw him too, at different times, and in a similar fashion (in our mother’s room, his features darkened except for the cap). Unless, of course, they’ve just been messing with me all this time (highly possible).


Sources: Froud, Brian; Lee, Alan, Faeries, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1978.


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  1. That is a really creepy story – a horrible version of statues, where kids try to get to the person at the end of the playground but can’t move when they’re being looked at.
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    • Sara C. Snider

      I have a very vague memory of playing a game like that as a kid. Maybe I blocked it out, because it is similar, like you say. 😛

  2. If I had seen something like that there would have been screaming! *shudder* Maybe I shouldn’t have read that – my husband just went to China for a week and a half, so it’s just me and the cat at home.
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    • Sara C. Snider

      Oh no, sorry to spook you. You know, I don’t think I really believed it was happening. I’ll just close my eyes and he’ll go away, right? It was so long ago that the memory is quite hazy.

  3. If I’d seen something like that I think I would have run screaming from the house. I don’t think I’d cope well with anything paranormal. These guys sound horrible!

    • Sara C. Snider

      I think younger children are better at dealing with things like this than adults. If I saw something like that now, I’d be really vocal about it.

  4. Very creepy. I had similar experiences when I was younger with those plastic-head dolls whose eyelids open and close when you lay them down and sit them up, the ones with the glassy eyeballs. I could have sworn I saw them moving around in my room, staring at me, opening and closing their demonic eyes.

    • Sara C. Snider

      I hated those dolls. All dolls freaked me out when I was little, but those in particular. Oh, and the big “life sized” ones too.

  5. Creepy little thing isn’t it. I had read that they were somehow related to leprechauns.

    Timothy S. Brannan
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    • Sara C. Snider

      You know, I had never imagined Redcap as little, even if he is described as a goblin. Interesting if he’s related to leprechauns, which makes me wonder what those guys get up to. 😛

  6. redcaps give me the creeps! that’s one fey i wouldn’t want to run into EVER!

  7. that is creepy – never heard of this critter either. thanks for comment on my blog – the boy Terry is my fictional wishes for the person it refers to. It didn’t come out well

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