Summer Fields and Summer Vacation

No more murder wall.

Well, the renovations are done, and life is slowly getting back to normal. Sort of. A couple of big developments. 1. We bought a plot of land. Woohoo! 2. We’re going to be heading to the States next week to visit family there. Well that’s not so much a big development as it is a disruption of the Daily Routine.

But the first bit is definitely a big deal. It’s a two hectare plot (about five acres) surrounded by beautiful fields and farmland, with a bit of forest on one end. We’re planning on eventually building a house there to which we’ll permanently move. So we’ve opted for the long route of moving into a house, but it feels right for us. And, honestly, you have no idea how happy/relieved I am that we don’t have to continue house hunting. I feel like I could cry.

Here’s some photos:


It’s got an old barn and some other buildings. The barn might be salvageable.

View towards the surrounding field

More fields

I’m looking forward to going back to the plot and having a proper walk around it. (These photos were taken by Anders’ mom–thanks Anders’ mom!). There’s apparently an apple tree and some fruit bushes lurking around somewhere. But I probably won’t get out there until after the US visit. I’m also planning on resuming my Magic in the Mundane series once we get back as well. Then hopefully we can say things have truly gotten back to normal.

Until then, have a fantastic July!



  1. Wow! So gorgeous! Reminds me of a scene from Anne of Green Gables.

    What neck of the US are you visiting? Have a safe trip.

    • Sara C. Snider

      I love Anne of Green Gables! Maybe that’s why I love this plot. We’re going to be in the northern part of California. And thanks! 🙂

  2. Hi Sara – that’s wonderful news … and I’m so pleased for you – it does look a breathtaking spot … great if you can build a house to your dreams and then do the barn up too – or incorporate both. Wonderful looking area – have fun overseas dreaming of the future in your new home – cheers Hilary

    • Sara C. Snider

      Thanks Hilary! Yes, it’s a lot to plan for but a lot to look forward to as well. I am hoping we can fix up the barn at some point. 🙂

  3. Beautiful country. Safe travels!

  4. This is wonderful news, Sara. I am so happy for you. You never know whom you will meet, or where you will spend you life until it happens; that is, life takes its unexpected magical turns. Here on the Pa./Del. state line is an old stone barn, 3 stories, they’ve converted into a used book store with many staircases and little rooms and a grand fireplace in the reception room. I do love reading your work, wish I could do so more often, but have so much going on in my own life right now, unexpected miracles. Have fun in the states — Calif., right? — my old stamping grounds, Socal.

    • Sara C. Snider

      Thank you, Samantha! That old barn/bookstore sounds magical. Life has a tendency to get overwhelming sometimes, but I like the sound of unexpected miracles, so I hope everything is great. 🙂

  5. Michelle Morrison

    Absolutely gorgeous. House hunting can definitely be a challenge. It may take longer to get settled permanently this way, but it will be worth it to have everything the way you want. Moving is never easy. Have a fun visit with the family.

    • Sara C. Snider

      Thanks, Michelle! House hunting certainly has been a challenge these past couple of years, and I do think it will be worth the extra wait. 🙂

  6. That is a beautiful plot of land. I would enjoy living there.

    • Sara C. Snider

      Thanks, Patricia. I definitely think I will enjoy living there immensely. 🙂

  7. Looks like a gorgeous place to go and live — and write! Good luck 🙂

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