Every year around Christmas time I tell myself I’ll make homemade applesauce. See, Swedes like it with their ham, and sometimes I like it on my beet salad sandwiches since, as a vegetarian, I don’t partake of the meaty bits. But as a master of procrastination, I always put it off until the last minute creeps up, which inevitably ends up in us buying a jar of store-bought stuff.


Fortunately this year I was well motivated. I had a bunch of apples in the fridge that were too mushy for me to eat raw (I like my apples very crisp). So yesterday I hunkered down and peeled the apples and cooked them into a pot of lovely applesauce. The entire process was surprisingly simple, with the peeling of the apples to be the most taxing of the process. Once that’s done, however, the rest of it’s super easy. So easy, in fact, that there’s no excuse not to do it every year (don’t remind me I said that next year).


But that’s not all. In a moment of stunning domesticity, I also made a batch of knäckebröd, or crisp flatbread, at the same time. This was a pretty big deal for me. I’ve been trying my hand at making my own whole grain bread lately, but I’ve had mixed success. I’ve never made knäckebröd, so I wasn’t sure how my meager bread-making skills would come into play. I was delighted, therefore, when the bread resulted in crispy, yummy goodness. Woo!


Simple, yet tasty, triumphs.

Simple, yet tasty, triumphs.


So what’s the point of this post? Nothing, really. Christmas is nearly here, so I’ve put my writing/editing on hold until after the holiday. In the meantime, I’m puttering around in the kitchen, and am having a great time of it–despite my sore shoulders from rolling out all those little rounds of bread. If you’d like to try your hand at applesauce making, I found a lovely recipe for it here.


I hope that wherever you are, and whatever you might be doing, your Yuletide season is a magical one, filled with love and laughter. And if you have a culinary triumph you’d like to share (no matter how big or small), I’d love to hear about it, so please chime in on the comments.


Snowy Tree

Happy Winter!