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Magic in the Mundane: Iron

I remember reading about fairies when I was younger and thinking how interesting it was that they were repulsed by iron. I think it’s because iron is such a common thing to us in this day and age. Forged iron is also, in my mind anyway, antithesis to nature. It’s a man-made thing, and I think I was enchanted by the idea of nature-faring creatures who can’t abide man-made goods.

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Celebrating the Witching Season at Women’s Radio

I don’t know about you, but I always get excited when this time of year rolls around. September means it will soon be October. And October means falling leaves, misty mornings, and all the wonderful creepiness that comes with Halloween.

To celebrate this wonderful, witchy time of year, the lovely gals over at Women’s Radio Network had me as a guest on their radio program to talk about Hazel and Holly. This was a first for me, and it was pretty exciting. The interview is fairly short, so be sure to head over to WomensRadio and check it out!

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