Interview with Author Angeline Trevena

In an ongoing effort to help promote authors, I’ve decided to try out doing author interviews. My very first guest is a writer of horror short fiction–the delightful and intriguing Angeline Trevena. Welcome, Angeline!


Angeline Trevena

Tell us a little about yourself. Any interesting talents, hobbies, or wonderful quirks that are uniquely you?

I am probably the least likely horror writer you’ll ever meet. I’m terrified of the dark. If I ever need to get up in the night, I do so with my heart racing. I avoid looking at the dark mirror, avoid peering into the darkest corners of the room, jump into bed in case there’s something hiding underneath it. One evening, while writing a short story, there was a thunderstorm, and I managed to seriously creep myself out!

That’s funny! And interesting. What is it about horror that draws you to the genre?

It’s widely agreed that humans are only born with two fears: the fear of falling, and the fear of loud noises. All the others we pick up along the way, either through experience, or by adopting other people’s fears. This fascinates me. It’s really interesting how much people’s fears range. I’ll happily hold a snake, but can’t be in the same room as a spider. Fear is such a strong emotion, that affects us physically too, and it’s amazing that I can create that reaction in a reader. Plus, writing horror is super fun and lets me really stretch my imagination.


Tell us a little about one of your stories.50 Shades of Decay

Earlier this year, my short story ‘Being Superhuman’ was included in Angelic Knight Press’ anthology ‘Fifty Shades of Decay’. Carmilla is a self-assured, sexually outgoing, takes-no-nonsense girl who, even in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, is determined to have some fun. And she soon finds herself making the best of the whole situation, although maybe not in the way you might expect!


What inspired you to write this story?

When I saw the call for submissions of zombie erotica shorts, I thought it was such a unique, fascinating, and delightfully disgusting theme, I just had to get involved! I’d never written any erotica before, but I knew straight away that I wanted my main character to be a young woman who was completely in charge; both in the bedroom and out of it.


What inspired you to become a writer?

I’ve been writing since I was old enough to hold a pen. I’ve always made up stories and characters; as a very young child I used to walk around like an old lady bent over a walking stick, and tell stories about ‘when I was a boy’. My Grandmother was a writer, so I guess it’s in my blood! At University I did my Degree in Drama and Writing. As part of our writing class we had to write a piece about where we see our careers going. I wrote that I couldn’t ever see writing being anything more than a hobby. My teacher’s commented on it “That would be a shame.” That was the first moment that I thought maybe I could make a career out of it.


What hurdles have you had to overcome to accomplish your dream of becoming a writer?

I’m a terrible procrastinator. I started out trying to write novels, largely because I didn’t realise there was an alternative for a fiction writer. I found my attention wavering, the mammoth task of editing seemed overwhelming, my lack of self discipline meant writing a novel took forever. But once I started writing short stories, everything just clicked. It suits my drifting attention span, the deadlines keep me on track, and I’m only ever editing a few thousand words.


What do you hope readers will take away from reading your story?

I hope it offers an interesting twist on the zombie apocalypse genre, and I hope readers are entertained and grossed out in equal measure.


In a word (or few), what would a dinner party with your characters be like?

I’d be very worried about what (or who) might be on the menu!


In relation, which character would most likely end up drunk and wearing a lampshade on his/her head?

Carmilla would probably turn up to the dinner party with a lampshade on her head! She’s the kind of girl who’s not scared to make a fool of herself, the girl who does all the things everyone else wishes they were brave enough to do.


What is your next project?

After a few other short stories, I’ve returned to zombies. I’m currently writing a short for an anthology that’s looking at the difference between those who were prepared for the zombie apocalypse, and those who weren’t. The moment I saw the call for submissions, my head was filled with story and character ideas, and I’m having great fun writing it. I will say this; after you read it, you might think twice about visiting a fast food restaurant!


Before closing, would you like to share with us a favorite excerpt from your story?

Carmilla pulled her hooded jumper off, revealing a figure-hugging leather corset beneath. Jones raised an eyebrow.

“What?” Carmilla asked, feigning innocence. “If I have to face the end of human existence, I want to look totally smoking when it happens. Now shut the hell up.” Standing up above him, Carmilla pulled off her trainers and pushed her jeans down over the leather hot pants she wore beneath them. She knelt back down. “Now you can’t say that these weren’t an absolute necessity.”

“Oh no,” said Jones, “they were most definitely essential.”


Thanks so much, Angeline!


For more information about Angeline and her writing, you can find her at:


[author] [author_image timthumb=’off’][/author_image] [author_info]Angeline Trevena was born and bred in a rural corner of South West England where she still lives above a milkshake shop. She is a fantasy and horror writer, poet and journalist.

Her short stories have been published by Mirador Publishing, Crooked Cat Publishing, Angelic Knight Press, and Horrified Press.

Some years ago she worked at an antique auction house and religiously checked every wardrobe that came in to see if Narnia was in the back of it.[/author_info] [/author]

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Katie Cross - 9 years ago

Seriously, I had no idea there was even a category called zombie erotica. She’s right, it does sound disgusting and fascinating in a very bizarre way!

Great interview!

    Sara C. Snider - 9 years ago

    I know, right? I don’t usually read erotica, but this one’s got me curious!

    Thanks, Katie! 🙂

    Angeline - 9 years ago

    It shocked me too! That’s why I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by! What’s more, the publisher is now talking about doing a follow-up anthology with even more zombie erotica stories. There’s obviously a market out there for it!

      Sara C. Snider - 9 years ago

      That’s great! A little disturbing, maybe, but mostly great. 😉

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