Jeff stared up at the tree and scratched his head. How a pig could manage to get up in the branches remained beyond his understanding. “Tell me again how you got up there?”

Had Quentin any fur, he might have bristled. As it was, his smooth, pink skin faintly wobbled in the light. “I told you, I flew. How else would I get up here?”

Jeff scratched his head again. “See, now, you keep saying that. But pigs don’t fly. They can’t ‘cause… you know…” He lowered his voice to a whisper, “They don’t have wings.”

“Why are you whispering?”

Jeff blinked. “I don’t know, I thought maybe it would help soften the blow.”

“The only thing that needs softening around here is the ground so I don’t break my neck when I fall.”

Jeff peered at the ground, half-expecting the soil to obey the pig’s command. “If you flew up, why don’t you just fly back down?”

Quentin shuffled his hooves—as much he could upon his precarious perch—but said nothing.

“Well?” Jeff said.

“The moment has passed,” Quentin said.

“So, get it back, then.”

“If I could get it back, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

Jeff was silent a long while, then said, “I suppose I could fetch a ladder. It’ll take a while though, to get there and then back again.”

“No!” Quentin’s voice turned squeaky and he coughed. “No. I… uh… wouldn’t want to be a bother.”

“I think we’ve already passed that stage,” Jeff said. He started to walk away.

“Don’t leave me,” Quentin said in a mewling voice.

Jeff sighed and turned back around. “Why not?” When Quentin remained silent, he took long, single step backward.

“All right!” Quentin squealed. “The sun’s going to set soon and, well… I’m afraid of the dark.”

Jeff blinked, feeling deflated. “Oh. Why didn’t you just say so?”

“Because it’s private.

Jeff shook his head. “So, how else are we supposed to get you out of there?”

“I don’t know!” Quentin quailed, sounding on the verge of despair.

Jeff scratched his head and looked around. He thought about climbing up the tree to get the pig, but then was unsure how he’d get back down. Quentin wasn’t as big as most pigs, but still an armful, and the last thing Jeff needed was a hoof in his face as he tried to keep himself from falling out of a tree. There didn’t seem to be any other options, though, except for maybe finding a long branch and prodding the pig down from the branches.

Jeff shoved his hands into his pockets and then pulled out a handful of brown, shiny nuts. “I have nuts,” he said, waving his hand.

Quentin peered down at him. “How’s that supposed to help?”

“You like nuts.”

“Yes, but I still don’t see how that’s useful.”

“Catch!” Jeff said and lobbed one up at Quentin.

“What?” Quentin said just as the nut pelted him in the snout. “Hey!”

“You’re supposed to catch it.”

“I wasn’t ready! Here, try again.”

“Ready…?” Jeff said as he lowered his hand, preparing for the throw.

Quentin hunkered down on the branch. “Ready.”

Jeff threw the nut and Quentin snapped it out of the air and ate it.

“Oh ho! Good one!” Jeff said.

“Do another,” Quentin said.

Jeff threw another nut, but this time threw it a little too far. Quentin leapt off the branch, catching it in his mouth before falling to the ground. He let out a high-pitched squeal as he fell, landing on his hooves with an undignified grunt.

“I… I’m down,” Quentin said.

“So you are,” said Jeff.

Quentin narrowed his eyes. “You did that on purpose! I could have broken my legs, or neck!”

“Yeah, but you didn’t. Figured if you could really fly, then you could land without breaking anything.”

Quentin’s mouth hung open, and so Jeff popped a nut into it.

“Come on, lets go home,” he said.

“All right,” Quentin said, chewing. “But you owe me the rest of those nuts.”


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Tasha - 8 years ago

I love Quentin and Jeff – they are adorable 🙂 A flying pig – awesome – love it.
Tasha’s Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

    Sara C. Snider - 8 years ago

    Hehe! Thanks, Tasha! 😀

Susan Scott - 8 years ago

who knew where this was going? Lovely story Sara thank you! Clever Jeff …

    Sara C. Snider - 8 years ago

    Thanks, Susan. One of the best parts of writing is finding out where the story takes me. 🙂

Sophie Duncan - 8 years ago

Hahaha! A talking pig, an adorable talking, flying (sometimes) pig – love it 😀
Sophie’s Thoughts & Fumbles
Wittegen Press

    Sara C. Snider - 8 years ago

    Thanks, Sophie! Pigs are among my favorite animals, so it was a lot of fun writing this one. 😀

Djinnia - 8 years ago

That was cute and funny. I’m giggling and the pig’s snooty attitude at being rescued. Love this.

    Sara C. Snider - 8 years ago

    Thanks, Djinnia. 🙂

Samantha Mozart - 8 years ago

You’re good, really good, Sara. I just love these stories — can’t wait to read the next. Quentin: perfect name for a pig.

Your writing is so imaginative yet so true to our real life reactions.

I read a lot of great classic children’s stories when I was a child. I think yours are just as good.

Thank you for sharing your magical mind. 🙂

    Sara C. Snider - 8 years ago

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Samantha, and for reading. Both truly mean a lot. 🙂

JazzFeathers - 8 years ago

I loved it. I like the way everything seems so logical, from the talking pig, to the fact that he could fly, then he can’t fly anymore. And Jeff’s cleverness.

Everything’s lovely 🙂

    Sara C. Snider - 8 years ago

    Thanks, Sarah! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

J.H. Moncrieff - 8 years ago

I love this story! You’re a great writer, Sara. I hope you go further with this one.

Quentin is a such a wonderful character.

    Sara C. Snider - 8 years ago

    Thank you so much J.H.! Quentin was certainly a lot of fun to write. 🙂

C-raig - 8 years ago

A pig in a tree is kind of perfect. Add fun dialogue and the pleasure is doubled.

Nick Wilford - 8 years ago

This was delightful. Trying to reason with a talking pig isn’t easy, it seems!

    Sara C. Snider - 8 years ago

    Thanks, Nick! Talking pigs can be, well, pig-headed. (Sorry…) 😉

Tarkabarka - 8 years ago

Awww! Adorable 😀 I like the banter, especially since it involves a talking (and flying!) pig…

@TarkabarkaHolgy from
Multicolored Diary – Epics from A to Z
MopDog – 26 Ways to Die in Medieval Hungary

    Sara C. Snider - 8 years ago

    Thank you! Can’t ever go wrong with pigs, in my opinion. 😉

Barbara In Caneyhead - 8 years ago

Now, I will think of this every time someone says, “when pigs fly”. Sweet and amusing!
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with the A to Z Challenge

    Sara C. Snider - 8 years ago

    Thanks, Barbara (and you’re welcome! 😉 ).

Jennifer L. Hawes - 8 years ago

Great story! Have you seen prissy_pig on Instagram? They have the most adorable pigs in costumes etc. 🙂

    Sara C. Snider - 8 years ago

    What? Pigs in clothing? Why have I not seen this?? 😛

    Thanks, Jennifer. Glad you enjoyed the story. 🙂

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