The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award seems to be a blogging phenomenon that’s been going around since 2010. The “rules” attached to accepting the award seem to have changed over time, as has the picture. But one thing that’s stayed the same is the spirit of appreciating our fellow bloggers, especially the smaller ones, who need all the more love.


So, color me touched and amazed when I received not one, but two nominations. The first was from Michelle Stanely, the second from Lori L. MacLaughlin. I met both of these ladies during the A to Z challenge–Michelle with her wonderfully whimsical fairytale stories, and Lori with her fun, retro fictional favorites posts. Thanks for the love, gals!


So. Liebster Award.



Accepting the Liebster Award comes with a number of guidelines:

1: List 11 random facts about myself.
2: Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated me.
3: Nominate 5 – 10 more blogs who have less than 300 followers and let them know they’ve been nominated.
4: Post 11 new questions for those bloggers to answer (if they wish to accept the award — it’s completely optional).


The rules between the two people who nominated me actually varied somewhat, which is why I call them guidelines. So I went with the ones I felt more comfortable with. Anyway, on with the show!


Random Elevensies

  1. I was born in the year of the dragon, which I’m highly pleased about.
  2. I was afraid of dolls as a kid.
  3. In the same vein, I was a tomboy and never wore dresses or skirts between the ages of 5 and 17.
  4. I still don’t wear make-up.
  5. I come from a big family and have 7 siblings and countless cousins.
  6. I drink tea and never coffee. (Jasmine green tea is my favorite.)
  7. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 17 years, though I have recently started eating fish from time to time.
  8. I have a collection of orchids that seem, for some reason, to do well in my care.
  9. I’m getting the hang of baking 100% whole wheat bread.
  10. I love it when it rains. Thunder makes it even better.
  11. My favorite places on earth include forests (redwoods especially), the ocean, and home.


Eleven questions asked of me

1: What is the best place you’ve visited?

Probably Paris so far. Notre Dame was gorgeous, with amazing stained glass windows that I’ll remember forever. And I loved visiting the Louvre and seeing so many paintings and sculptures that I’ve read about.


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2: What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done?

I’d say picking up and moving to Sweden when I was 25. Had never been here before and didn’t know the language (though just about everyone speaks English). Was scary for me, but I did it anyway.


3: What’s your favorite movie?

Right now, Cloud Atlas (I still need to read the book.)


4: What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Djurgårds Glace’s mint chocolate.


5: What fictional character do you like best?

Gosh, this is a hard one. Can I say Hobbits? Like, all of them? For a single character though, I’ll say Alfred from the Death Gate Cycle series by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.


6: What’s the best book you’ve read this year?

I was going to say Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman and Bloom by Martin Kee, but then I realized I read those last year. So for this year, that would have to be The Towers by Jordan Jeffers.


7: Why should people read and follow your blog?

Because they love me and think I’m awesome. OK, seriously though. To be honest, I’m still kind of finding my feet in the blogging world and so my content can kind of be random. I think it would appeal mostly to other people like me–newbie authors who are still trying to get the hang of everything.


8: Morning person or night owl?

Neither, really. More of a late morning/early afternoon kind of person.


9: What’s at the top of your bucket list?

Visiting the Sistine Chapel.


10: What do you consider your most important personality trait?

I like to think I’m open-minded.


11: Have you ever performed or been the recipient of a random act of kindness and what was it?

This is something I don’t do enough, but I once donated a futon to a family whose house had burned down.


My nominees

Atherton’s Magic Vapour

Jasmine Angell’s Blog

Madness of a Modern Writer

Djinnia and the English Language

Elizabeth Darkley

Leanne Ross Read Faced


Eleven new questions:

  1. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
  2. What was your first job?
  3. What’s at the top of your bucket list?
  4. What is one of your favorite memories?
  5. What made you start blogging?
  6. Who is your favorite fictional character?
  7. Any phobias or things you find irrationally creepy?
  8. Do you have a favorite quote? If so, what is it?
  9. What song(s) would you like to have on the soundtrack of your life?
  10. What is the best place you’ve visited?
  11. Lastly, pie or cake?

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djinnia - 9 years ago

thank you for the nomination. that is so sweet.

i don’t know why it does that, but i know some of the blogs i subscribe to end up in my spam folder without me sending them there. yahoo is strange that way sometimes.

i haven’t posted anything since may 3rd. so write club is the only thing i posted after that.

i figured it out. feedburner doesn’t like anything over 512k. so it gets cranky.

    Sara C. Snider - 9 years ago

    You’re welcome, Djinnia! 🙂

    Yeah, some blogs I subscribe to end up there as well, but like I said, yours don’t. They’re just not arriving. Maybe I’m the only one? Who knows. Not a big deal, just wanted to let you know in case others might be having the same problem.

Leanne Ross - 9 years ago

Thanks for the nomination Sara!

I, like you, was nominated by another blogger recently (we’ll call it tandem Liebster) and I still need to square that away. So, it will be nice to put both under my belt at the same time.

The hardest part seems to be nominating someone else…right? I mean, I can blab on and on about myself but then I have to ask someone else to do a write up. I have a deep sense of guilt about it. I guess it would be in poor taste to nominate the folks who nominated me. HA! Otherwise, you were going to be on my list.


    Sara C. Snider - 9 years ago

    You’re welcome, Leanne!

    Nope, no nominating-backsies! 😉 I agree it’s hard nominating others. I sat on doing this post for about a month so I could give it a good long think.

Lori L MacLaughlin - 9 years ago

Great post, Sara! It was fun reading your answers. I was born in the year of the dragon, too.

    Sara C. Snider - 9 years ago

    Thanks Lori. Awesome that we’re both introverted dragons. 😉

Jasmine Angell - 9 years ago

Hi Sara! Thanks for the nomination and I apologize for not responding sooner. I really appreciate you thinking of me, it means so much. Your nomination has helped refocus me on my blog and the importance of maintaining a presence. It’s hard being an introvert sometimes and I struggle with that in regards to my blog. Congrats on your novel, I’m excited to read it this summer! 🙂

    Sara C. Snider - 8 years ago

    Thanks Jasmine! I totally understand about struggling to blog as an introvert. To be blogging and putting myself out there on a regular basis goes against my natural inclination. It’s definitely a challenge. All the more reason for us introverts to stick together. 😉

Tasha - 8 years ago

I know you already have one, from two people no less, since I am commenting on your Liebster Award post ;). but I nominated you too because I think your blog deserves to be linked from all over.
My Liebster Post

    Sara C. Snider - 8 years ago

    Thanks Tasha! That’s so sweet of you. It’s always nice to be thought of. 🙂

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