Giant Sweaters, Crocheting Gnomes, and Other Unlikely Tangents in the Realm of Forgetfulness

I’ve been slacking with the blog. Other than keeping up with Hazel and Holly (which is a challenge unto itself), my ideas for blog posts have been rather few and muddly. Or they require a certain amount of research, which I delude myself into thinking I have time for, only to fall into the pit of “I need to get Hazel and Holly done!” so that it doesn’t actually happen.

Hazel and Holly, apparently, are the bosses of me.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting close to the end, and I’m going full-steam to get it done and published. This story is a monster one. I almost don’t want to tell you how long it’s gotten. Like it’s some kind of Unfortunate Incident that we shall all agree not to acknowledge or discuss. The Thirteenth Tower, my previous longest story, was in the 80k word range. Hazel and Holly is shaping up to be twice that…

Bossy, bossy girls.

Honestly, it’s thrown me for a loop. I didn’t think I had such a long story in me, and I can’t shake the feeling that I’m somehow doing it wrong. Will it need heavy editing? Part of me suspects it must, but right now I can’t see what to cut. So, luckily for you, you’ll be getting the crazy, unabridged version here on the blog.

You’re welcome.


So there I was, surfing the ‘net looking for knitted socks (as one does). The socks eluded me, but I did find this fantastic pattern for a crocheted blanket that I just had to have.


So pretty! It’s the first time, like, ever, that I saw crochet pattern for which I didn’t feel compelled to switch out the colors. And it’s variegated yarn. I’ve never worked with variegated yarn, but I find the prospect most exciting! (My life is a simple one…)

Even better when, bracing myself for disappointment, I was able to find the exact yarn needed locally and have it shipped to me. Woohoo! Of course, I realized later that the yarn brand is Norwegian, so perhaps it wasn’t so odd I was able to find some here. But still, I was a happy camper.

The yarn arrived last week in a big, pillowy package. I opened it and pet the topmost bundles, the colors just as pretty in real life as on a screen. Excited, I set out to find my crochet hooks. I’ve got a full set of them, so of course I have the one I need…

Except I don’t. Or do I? I have no idea. I could have sworn I do. I can see the colorful little hooks all lined up in their packaging, ranging in sizes from big and fat, to small and thin. But all I could find was the too-small hook I was using in my last crochet project (still unfinished, by the way—don’t judge).

Oh, it was on. I was supposed to be writing, but instead I was sifting through every drawer I could find looking for the mythological hooks. I didn’t even want to work on crocheting at that moment, but it was like it’d gotten personal. Those little aluminum hooks, mocking me…


Jasper snuggles mysterious and ridiculous-sized crochet hook.

I never did find them. I found a larger, too-big hook that I suspect belongs in the set that I may or may not actually have. I also found another hook (also too big) that’s still swathed in cardboard packaging and looks like it’s never been used. I have no idea where this hook came from or why I have it. And then I found an even bigger hook that, again, why do I have this and where did it come from? I’m not even sure what I would use it for other than making giant-sized sweaters. Anders doesn’t crochet, so I’m pretty sure it’s mine…

The whole experience was both puzzling and disconcerting. The only way I was able to cease my obsessive drawer-search was to just order a brand new set online. Phew. But still, those other hooks I found… Usually, when you find something you’d forgotten you have, you remember it once you see it again. “Oh that…” kind of thing. But these… nothing. It’s crickets upstairs in the swiss-cheese brain of mine. At this point I’m suspecting that crochet gnomes are using my desk drawers to stash their unwanted implements. Obviously that is the most rational explanation.

Have you ever been unable to find something you’re convinced you have? Has it ever made you question your own mental faculties? Do you also have household gnomes playing tricks on you? If so, welcome, friend…

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Hilary - 6 years ago

Hi Sara – good luck finishing Holly and Hazel – it’s been fun to read … and then the crocheting … something I’ve never done – enjoy though and cheers Hilary

    Sara C. Snider - 6 years ago

    Thanks, Hilary! I’m glad you’re enjoying the story. 🙂 Crocheting is pretty relaxing, which is why I like it.

Lori Wing - 6 years ago

Hahaha! You’re my sister, for sure.
That IS a beautiful blanket, and the yarn is lovely; like stained glass.
Looking forward to the grand finale of Hazel & Holly. I can’t even imagine where they will end up. As for the length, keep in mind that The Thirteenth Tower is spread out over three books, so you do have long stories in you.
Oh, and I suspect Tum or Chester have your hooks. 😉

    Sara C. Snider - 6 years ago

    Hehe! The yarn does look like stained glass, I think that’s why I like it so much.

    Glad you’re looking forward to the finale! It’s still a bit of a ways off in terms of the blog schedule. And you’re right about The Thirteenth Tower being part of a series, which makes it a long story. But I do think that book stands on its own a little bit, whereas Hazel and Holly feels like it needs to be this long to stand on its own. I don’t think it would work splitting it in two different volumes, for example (which I’ve considered 😛 ).

    I bet Tum and Chester are totally in cahoots! Need to leave out some beer and cheese and maybe I’ll get the hooks back… 😉

Michelle Morrison - 6 years ago

I am looking forward to the published version of Hazel and Holly. The blanket is very pretty. I do have a tendency to not be able to find something I’m looking for, or find things I don’t need and not remembering where they came from. LOL.

    Sara C. Snider - 6 years ago

    Thanks, Michelle! I’m looking forward to it too. 😀 I hear you on the finding things you don’t need. I’m fairly certain I’ll find my crochet hooks once the new ones arrive… But I’m glad I’m not the only one that can’t recall where some things came from! 😉

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