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Swedish Food and Folklore

Every year around Christmas time I get ideas in my head of all the food I’m going to make. More often than not, it never actually happens. Last year, though, I made a breakthrough and actually made the applesauce I had been intending to do for years, and some crisp flatbread to boot. Success!

This year, it was supposed to be spiced wine — or glögg, as the Swedes call it. But then I was in the liquor store and they had so many varieties of glögg that I caved and bought a bottle. I’m still pretty excited though, because this is the real deal, and not the 2% alcohol stuff we normally get in the regular stores (you have to go to dedicated liquor stores here to get proper booze). I’m excited to see how it tastes. If it’s underwhelming, I’ll probably revisit making my own glögg next year. Continue reading

The Instagram Experiment

I’m in my late thirties, but sometimes I feel like an old curmudgeon when it comes to new things. And, for this hard-core introvert, much of the grumbling-inducing newness comes from the social media front. I mean, hashtags? What the…? #IDon’tDoHashtags

I’m an awkward gal. Socializing with strangers can often make me feel like I’m partaking in an experiment on how to turn someone into a hot-faced, stuttering mess. Luckily, socializing on the Internet is largely text-based, and I’m comfortable with writing. But that doesn’t mean I’m entirely comfortable with social media. And while hanging out on Google Plus is tremendously easier than waltzing up to a group of strangers and saying, “’sup?” it’s still really hard for me. Continue reading

Sever and Lir

Halloween2014Halloween isn’t really a “thing” here in Sweden. It’s starting to be, mostly because the US does it so the Swedes are like, “Sure, why not?” Interestingly, Easter is when kids traditionally dress up as witches (not scary witches, but cute, ragamuffin witches) and go knocking on doors searching for candy. There’s no tricks though, and if you give them candy then you get a nice handmade card. It’s cute and fun, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss Halloween.

So thank you for stopping by and reading, and thank you to everyone who’s participated in helping me celebrate the day. Continue reading

A Bend in the Road

I am fortunate to live close to a nature reserve. Sometimes I go running there, but most days I just walk. Other than home, it’s my favorite place to be. It’s where I go to relax, to think about stories, and to work out problems and get new ideas.

These things don’t always happen during my wanderings, of course. Along with my feet, my mind has a tendency to meander, and it doesn’t always go where I want. And that’s OK. Out in the woods, there is no judgment, no requirements for me to do or think about anything in particular. Continue reading

Halloween Blog Hop 2014

Every morning this past week has been misty and beautiful. I’ve always loved fog and mist. The world seems quieter, and I keep expecting King Arthur to appear through the haze.

Right now, it’s rainy and blustery outside and the wind is rattling the windows.

Out in the forest, mushrooms have sprouted. One of these days, I’ll go out and find the chanterelles that grow in the woods around here. But since I don’t yet trust myself to pick the non-poisonous kinds, I’ll just take pictures instead.

Continue reading

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