A Chat with Celine Jeanjean at Down the Rabbit Hole


I got together recently with Celine Jeanjean (a fantastic author and lovely gal) and chatted about A Shadowed Spirit, character creation, and Hazel and Holly too. It was a rather laid back interview, and good fun! You can read it over on her blog, Down the Rabbit Hole.


  1. Lori Wing

    The creepy archivist! YES! Awesome character.

    I had a bit of an epiphany as I was reading this interview. Your summation of the tree and tower series in so few words really illustrated for me how personal this story is, probably for anyone who has felt powerless to control their own destiny. I know I’ve felt that in my own life, and it is undoubtedly why this story speaks to me. Now I’m really excited to read book 3!

    • Sara C. Snider

      I’ve ordered a book of Leonardo Da Vinci’s anatomical drawings for inspiration for the creepy archivist story. Should be good fun! 😀

      It’s really hard summarizing stories like that into a few lines, and I love how that resonated with you. It’s definitely what resonates with me. It’ll be interesting to see how book 3 plays out. 🙂

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