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A to Z Herbarium: Uva Ursi

Psychic Workings

Also known as bearberry, because apparently bears enjoy eating the fruit. Can be used in sachets to increase psychic powers. It’s also used in ceremonial smoking mixtures among a number of Native American tribes.

In Iceland, uva ursi was used to make ink, tan leather, and dye yarn. A tonic made from the berries was used to stimulate the blood and increase appetite. It was also believed carrying bearberry would protect one against evil spirits and ghosts.

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A to Z Herbarium: Thistle


Strength, Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Hex-Breaking

When grown in the garden, thistles protect against thieves. When grown in a pot on the doorstep, they protect against evil. Throw thistle onto a fire to protect the house from lightning. Carrying a thistle blossom will protect the bearer. Carrying any part of the thistle will provide energy and strength, and stave off melancholy. Men who carry thistles will apparently become better lovers.

If a spell has been cast against you, wear a shirt made of thistle fibers to break it. Hex-breaking poppets are stuffed with thistles. When strewn in the home, thistles will exorcise evil.

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