Halloween Blog Hop 2014

Every morning this past week has been misty and beautiful. I’ve always loved fog and mist. The world seems quieter, and I keep expecting King Arthur to appear through the haze.

Right now, it’s rainy and blustery outside and the wind is rattling the windows.

Out in the forest, mushrooms have sprouted. One of these days, I’ll go out and find the chanterelles that grow in the woods around here. But since I don’t yet trust myself to pick the non-poisonous kinds, I’ll just take pictures instead.

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Giveaway Round Two

Well, the last giveaway was a ridiculous success. Way more people signed up than I thought ever would, which was pretty cool. So… that means it’s time for another one!

This is where I’d normally add the Goodreads widget, but for some reason the cover keeps showing as full-size, despite me mucking around in the code to change it. So here’s a button instead:

Enter the giveaway!

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So, I’m going to be doing a series of giveaways on Goodreads. The first one starts today, September 1st, and is for fifteen copies of the paperback version.

This first giveaway ends on Friday the 5th, so get in there if you want a chance to win. If there is enough interest (meaning more than 15 people sign up for the giveaway–yeah I’m a pessimist), then I’ll be giving away another 15 copies the following week. As long as interest keeps up, I’ll be giving away a maximum of 60 copies of the paperback book throughout the month. Sixty copies!

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Netflix has become my new source of entertainment for when I fold laundry. Watching TV or DVDs has become so six-months-ago. Who wants to fiddle around with disks or bother muting commercials? Not me.

Having finished watching the latest season of Arrested Development, I needed something new for my escapades in textile organization, and that was how I stumbled upon The Mission.

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It’s summer time. The weather here in Sweden has turned hot and muggy and, now that we’re on vacation, my laziness has kicked up a notch.  My natural inclination is to say, “So long, world!” ignore the Internet and basically go dark for the next few weeks. But because I don’t want to completely ignore my blog, instead I’ll write a so-called “lazy post,” which is basically me just rambling about whatever with no real point to any of it. You’ve been warned.

So now that I’ve got some free time on my hands, I find myself planning for all the little projects I want to get done. Like wax the furniture and oil the kitchen counters (we have lots of wooden stuff). Or, on the fun scale, catch up on some reading. Then I rediscovered my crochet bag, sitting out in plain sight all this time, yet having been dismissed by me as part of the décor.

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