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Checking In

So, apparently I’ve tumbled down into my hidey-hole and am finding the climb back out… laborious. Things were going OK. Ronel the Mythmaker nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award, which was cool and I intended on accepting and even started the post for it. Then I found out my elder cat’s health is declining, resulting in numerous, (and still ongoing) vet visits, and it was like the air was sucked out of me. Continue reading

A Jaunt in Kraków

So, a couple of weeks ago we got a lot of snow. Like, blizzard amounts of snow. Buses got stuck, trains were canceled, people got stranded. It was the most snow Stockholm had gotten in November in over a hundred years. Madness.

Luckily this all happened the day before I traveled to Poland, and I’m only being partially snarky when I say “luckily.” Had it been the day of, I doubt I would’ve gotten to the airport at all. Trying to get there the following morning was certainly a little adventure in and of itself. Continue reading